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Baccara Burning by Colin Galbraith

Baccara Burning

The Baccara burns brightest in Hell

The last place exiled MI5 agent, Randolph Lowe, or Stella, once the world's most wanted assassin, want to be seen, is back on British soil.

Hiding out in Italy one year after their encounter with satanic demon, Ferris, Randolph and Stella are persuaded into travelling to Edinburgh in Scotland to solve a series of horrific and unexplained murders.

And when news leaks that Ferris is back on the move and MI5 are closing in, Stella and Randolph begin to wonder if there are any moves left they can make.

What will it take to rid Edinburgh of the evil of a 17th Century curse? Only Stella knows the answer.

This title is the sequel to the popular 2009 novella, STELLA.