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Stella by Colin Galbraith



"Two likeable main characters, great plot and more than one unexpected twist!! Great writing style. Wish the story was longer though!!!"

-Amanda Loseby (Amazon)

"Galbraith doesn't waste words, and balances the tension and suspense wonderfully. Stella's secret blew me away; a surprising twist and some great writing."

-Nadine Tomlinson

"Stella is a pleasant surprise. I find it exhilarating to come across a story that has the ability to catch me totally off-guard. I enjoy a good suspense story, and this was right on the mark. It is refreshing to find so much story packed in a small package that includes so much detail. As Randolph pursues Stella, I found myself feeling as infatuated as he was. I wanted to understand her. Stella, on the other hand, is a complete mystery, and again I say that I was blown away by the unsuspecting twists in her story. The paranormal element made the story even more interesting. Mr. Galbraith is a truly gifted author. I personally would love to see more of these characters and this story."

-Teagan S. Boyd (Book Wenches)

"This is a completely different genre to what I'd normally read but I loved it!"

-Ragna Brent

"I enjoyed the crisp, taut writing that kept me wondering when Randolph would confront Stella and what would happen. The story is full of surprises and I really liked learning Stellaís secret! A fun read especially if you like your mystery story with surprise twists!"

-MarthaE (You Gotta Read Reviews)

"Stella turned out to be so much more than I expected. [Galbraith's] brain works overtime in finding ways to shock and delight his readers. His colorful descriptions draw you into the story and hold you there. I entertained no thought of putting the story down until I finished. Kudos, Colin for a creative and entertaining read Iím proud to recommend."

-Ginger Simpson

"I had very little idea what to expect... by the time I finished, I told my husband he HAD to read this as he would never guess the outcome in a million years."

-Fiona Young-Brown

"Stella is a good story, well written and with quite a surprise inside."

-SkyWalker (Ghost Writer Literary Reviews)

"Stella to me is one of the best pieces of work [Galbraith] has done... I was locked into the book until I had finished."

-Alexandrina Galbraith

"Not my usual genre but loved it. Was enticed into the story very quickly and gasped out loud at the unexpected turn of events."

-Alex (Amazon)